Whole You™ TMD Devices

Customizable Designs for Patients’ Individual Needs with Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD)
Breathing related sleep disorders are often diagnosed in conjunction with TMD issues. Our TMD devices help treat the patients who experience TMD symptoms during the day. The devices work by repositioning the jaw throughout the day and/or night to decrease clicking and decompress painful nerves. All the designs can be customized to meet your patient’s needs, coming with 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Designs & Features: Whole You™ TMD Devices

Daytime Splint
(Lower only)

Daytime Splint is a low prole appliance, which provides all-day comfort. It can be customized with a lingual bar or a lingual braided wire. For anterior support, select a full occlusal acrylic coverage, which will provide the additional stability needed.

Full Coverage Splint (Upper or Lower)

Choose from our wide range of options to better fit your patient’s needs. You can define the occlusal indentations, include additional retention by adding ball clasps, select an anterior deprogrammer, or provide a more gentle fit with our soft liner.

Farrar Splint (Upper only)

As a maxillary repositioning splint, the Farrar Splint offers a protrusive position of the mandible. Similar to our standard splint it includes the same retention and liner options. The appliance occlusal contact can be designed as anterior only.

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